Mug & Shave Gift Set
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Mug & Shave Gift Set

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This year Triumph & Disaster is celebrating Father's Day with a wink and a grin by producing a special edition pack of our Old Fashioned Shave Cream accompanied with our own Enamel Mug emblazoned with the instruction – swim out and meet it. In a nod to Dads and their sage advice everywhere, Triumph & Disaster is bringing some of their own, reminiscent of the fatherly advice presented to so many throughout the ages, guidance that says, embrace the challenge, take it head on, attack the day, indeed, ‘Swim out & Meet it’.

The Mug and Shave Cream combo is T&D’s way of acknowledging to Dads everywhere that we not only listened, but are true advocates that the right preparation will set the tone for the day and help get the job done right. At the very least, it gives our Dads something from which to take a wee dram on his next clean shaven adventure.

So this Father’s Day, instead of receiving that piece of sage advice, why not embrace the opportunity, swim out and meet it, if you will. Comes in this beautiful gift box.



Lanolin is a natural emollient with moisturising and protective qualities. As ancient as man, this all-purpose ingredient is rich in oils and active agents, creating a natural glide on the surface of the skin that produces a crisp, smooth shave with any style of razor.

Combination coconut oil extracts, organic compounds and fatty acids act as surfactants, reducing surface tension and allowing the water and oil components of the cream to combine creating a perfect lather. This action works to soften bristles and prepare the hair follicles, allowing the blades to get closer to the skin and create a super smooth result.

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