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Here at Triumph & Disaster, we think it's about time you got to know us a little better. Starting with Shiv.


Shiv is the Lead Creative here at T&D and a man of skill, finesse and excellent-quality headshots (as you can see). We quizzed him on his role at Triumph & Disaster and his proudest achievements to date. 


My name is... Shiv Narandas


I am... Lead Creative


I have worked with Triumph & Disaster for... just over one year and four months.


I was first drawn to the brand by... the people and what it stands for.


My role is... to collaborate. The great thing about T&D is that everybody here is creative, I just bounce ideas around and together we create solutions that amplify.


My favourite project to date has been... our latest project ‘Logic’. This witch hazel toning lotion required a lot of thought, as this was us breaking into a more unisex environment. In the end, we came to a solution we’re pretty proud of. From designing with Dion to working with ingredients and production with Reece, this project made me realise the passion and work that goes into making a product.


The Triumph & Disaster brand... has a three-sided core. We call it the ‘Holy Trinity’. Those three sides are 1. Nature, 2. Punk, 3. Simplicity. Our demographic has an appreciation for at least one of these three, if not all.  


My proudest achievement has been... Watch this space...


My favourite product is... Logic for sure! Two reasons:

1. It was something I never thought I’d use.

And 2. Like washing your face with cold water, it’s the perfect thing to start and end the day with.


Triumph and Disaster is… taking your time. Being at T&D has made me realise how important it is to add logic and ritual to your everyday routine. Even a small ritual to moisturise every day can change a lot. One small gesture done well allows time to reflect and visualise how to attack the day.


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