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Christmas shopping doesn't need to be hard.


Just ask Fairina Cheng. The Sydney-based jewellery designer specialises in presents with a difference, from unconventional engagement rings to customised gift sets. This season, she's worked with seven independent labels to create seven bespoke gift boxes for Christmas.


Naturally, Triumph & Disaster was top of her list. The Triumph & Disaster x Fairina Cheng gift set features a range of T&D products with our unique natural fragrance called ‘Smoke and Wood’. Within the set, you'll find our Rock and Roll Suicide Face Scrub, Gameface Moisturiser and A + R Soap alongside a Fairina Cheng gift card and Fairina's mokume gane necklace. Crafted using a traditional Japanese technique originally used to make samurai swords, precious metals are fused together, then rolled, twisted and formed to reveal a uniquely layered wood grain pattern.


Below we chat with the designer about her work.


Hi Fairina! Tell us about your work.


I am an independent jewellery designer who specialises in unconventional jewels for rule breakers and story makers. I don’t believe an engagement ring has to feature a big flashy solitaire. I don’t believe that jewellery is all about diamond size and dollars. Instead, I work with customers all over the world to create unique jewellery that tells an awesome story!


What about the gift sets you’re offering this Christmas?


I’ve teamed up with seven brands to create seven ultimate Christmas gift sets, featuring a piece of specially designed jewellery and a carefully curated partner product. Gift partners have been selected for their focus on small batch handcrafted goods, sustainability and an innovative approach to what they do. Triumph and Disaster was, of course, the perfect fit!



Why did you want to work with Triumph & Disaster?


I was looking for a men’s skincare brand that was independent, ethical and a little bit Rock and Roll. When I came across T&D and its scientifically engineered products, I was hooked! My partner gave the products a test run and had nothing but amazing things to say about them (and their lovely ’Smoke and Wood’ scent). He’s pretty picky about the skincare he uses, so that was a very good sign. Plus it just looks so damn good next to the Mokume Gane necklace!


Can you tell us a little about the necklace? 


The Mokume Gane necklace is crafted using a traditional Japanese technique once used to decorate the sheaths and handles of samurai swords. Silver, rose gold and white gold are fused, twisted and formed to reveal a uniquely layered wood grain pattern. The words “mokume gane” actually translate into “wood grain metal”! 


What makes the perfect gift for a loved one? 


Jewellery makes a great gift on its own, but when paired with a complementary product, it creates a message that can be so meaningful! The perfect gift is one that tells a story and is more than just a collection of generic products. It’s for the girl who makes memories all over the world, or for the individual who says no to fast fashion. In this case, the T&D set is for the unconventional, well-dressed man who shops small and shops thoughtfully.


Find the 'Triumph and Disaster x Fairina Cheng' gift set online here.

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