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Kim Kardashian | Triumph & Disaster

Nana always knows best and Kim Kardashian-West's grandmother MJ is a wise one. 

“For as long as I can remember, my grandma MJ has been telling all of my sisters and me about the one cure-all health and beauty product she swears by." Says Kardashian-West

Witch Hazel is a genus of plants in North America, China and Japan. An extraction from the leaves or bark, of the same name, has anti-inflammatory topical astringent properties that balances, cleans, tones and tightens the skin without drying it out like alcohol-based toners.

"When I first heard MJ talk about witch hazel years ago, I had no clue that it was a beauty remedy. I definitely thought it was some strange potion” Said Kardashian-West.

But, Witch Hazel has been used throughout the centuries by peoples indigenous to the Americas to treat problem skin and we now know there may be no plant on the planet that is more beneficial to improving your skin tone. Modern research continues to uncover its medicinal benefits which are as wide-ranging as reducing inflammation, reducing cellular damage and swelling, while also soothing wounds.

Kim continued, “She’s always bringing it up to all of us — and we all admit that MJ is usually right — so I need to start using it regularly.”


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Other key ingredients in our Logic Toner include Tasmanian Pepper and Willow Herb. Tasmanian pepper was used by Aboriginal Australians to treat external infections and inflammation when applied topically, we believe it’s the perfect player to soothe and calm irritable skin. We use Willow Herb because it is clinically proven to shrink and reduce pore size, whilst balancing sebum production. It’s the Oenothein B and flavonoids that are the key compounds in sebum-regulating and anti-inflammatory activities, results of which have shown a reduction of up to 56%. 

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