Not All Fatherly Advice Is Created Equal

Fathers Day 2017


My dad was a boxer.  His advice was ‘run fast’.  Maybe he did not think too much of my boxing technique?  Dion Nash (son of Paul)


My dad was a big believer of having clean polished shoes. I was late to my first job interview because I realised I needed to clean my shoes.  I didn’t get the job.  Amanda Sullivan (daughter of Keith)


‘Don’t waste money on buying a ski jacket – your raincoat will be fine’.  I nearly died from hypothermia on my first skiing trip with dad. Kerry Walmsley (son of Graeme)


In honour of all Dad’s who have handed out their fair share of advice (good and bad), we are celebrating them with a limited edition Enamel mug + Shave cream pack, and a little piece of our own advice.  Emblazoned on this bespoke Mug is the words Swim out and Meet it.  Advice that says embrace the challenge, take it head on, attack the day, indeed, ‘Swim out & Meet it’.


Mug and Shave Cream


The Mug & Shave pack was designed with the ultimate shaving experience in mind.  As you may know, since the brand was founded, Triumph & Disaster has championed shaving as a skill passed down from generation to generation and as such, a thing of true value, like a good piece of advice - part ritual, part preparation, part skill, all man time.  We are true advocates that the right preparation will set the tone for the day and will help get the job done right.


Creating the ultimate shaving experience will be a bit different for every person; it’s personal, bespoke, but we think we have come up with a good starting point.  Kit required: face cloth, a natural shave cream, shave mug, shave brush, fresh razor, warm water and a clean mirror.  Optional extras: the morning sun filtering through a window, wafting smells of freshly brewed coffee, and a bit of John Coltrane playing in the background.



  1. Apply a warm cloth to a clean face to soften hair follicles and relax the skin
  2. Squeeze a small amount of Triumph & Disaster Old Fashioned Shave cream into a shave mug
  3. Wet your shave brush with warm water and shake out the excess. Use the brush to whip the shave cream to create a bold lather and apply over face and neck.
  4. Using a fresh razor, shave clean in long, smooth strokes being careful to pull the natural grain of your hair follicles.
  5. Rinse well and protect skin with Gameface moisturiser
  6. Attack the day


It goes to say that there is no place in the Ultimate Shaving experience for a shave cream that contains any nasty chemicals, alcohol and harsh foaming agents.  Much research went into the making of Triumph & Disaster’s Old Fashioned Shave Cream, taking the best old school practices and combining them with the green thinking and modern science of today, to create a shave cream second to none.  Derived from nature, engineered with science – and infused with aromas of old school medicinal notes to evoke a sense of tradition and nostalgia befitting a gentleman's morning ritual. 

And the icing on the metaphoric cake comes in the form a shaving brush.  Using a quality shaving brush, such as Triumph & Disaster’s badger brush will not only make your shave cream go further, it will greatly enhance the overall shaving experience. 

So on the 3rd of September why not embrace the opportunity, swim out and meet it, if you will, and give dad a shave cream and a mug to keep him looking sharp (and feeling happy) this Father’s day. At the very least, it may give your dad something from which to take a dram on his next clean shaven adventure. 

Father’s Day essentials:

  • The Mug+Shave Cream pack is available to purchase in select AU retail stores for $42.50 RRP
  • Click here for a wider range of other naturally-derived skincare and haircare essentials for Father’s Day

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