The minute you walk into RICKY's NYC you know you've stepped into the denizen of the Big Apple's "X factor" makers. From the wild hair colors from Manic Panic debuted during the punk era that defined a generation, to the cutting-edge lash and hair extensions that define ours today,  RICKY's NYC has always been setting the trends. Words like "vamp," "addict," and "obsessed" are tossed around their mysterious aisles like C02. No trip to New York is ever complete without a walk on the wild side that includes  CBGB, the birthplace of underground punk, and Ricky's NYC. What sets RICKY's NYC apart from sterile environments of traditional beauty stores is that it is truly NYC at its heart: the high-low mix delivered with anarchy and humor. And like all New Yorkers, the exterior never reveals the depth within. 
Triumph & Disaster: What's it like to work at RICKY's NYC?
Sabrina, RICKY's NYC store associate and Triumph & Disaster specialist:
"One of the most enjoyable aspects about working at RICKY's NYC are all the new faces I meet every day and seeing so many different products come in with unique ingredients - Triumph & Disaster being that brand that stands out. The questions are endless and it always feels great to help our clients make their lives easier with our knowledge. You’d never think something as small as finding the perfect hair pomade for someone can go such a long way. RICKY's NYC is unafraid to take risks; they uphold a competitive and ambitious spirit that allows them to shine compared to other companies in the industry. They’re reliable enough for them to have built such a strong regular customer base, but also curious enough that they consistently captivate new-comers. Some friendly faces I have had the pleasure of assisting over years include Naomi Campbell, Fat Joe, Tracee Ellis Ross, Sean William Scott, Dean Winters, Paul McCartney, Chloë Sevigny, and even Paris Hilton!"

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