A men's guide to Spring Racing skin


It’s well and truly racing season, with the Melbourne Cup Carnival mere weeks away. And while your suit is probably ready, your skin most likely isn’t.


It takes more than a quick slap of sunscreen to get your skin looking sharp for race day, so it’s best you get your tools right. 


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Let's discuss. 


The week ahead


To get your face looking its best, you need to start prepping your skin throughout the week. Develop a morning and evening ritual that involves a cleanser, toner and moisturiser. It may sound a lot, but there’s a reason for including all three steps.


1 // A cleanser will gently dissolve the day’s dirt, clearing excess grime from your pores that settles into your skin throughout the day. Generic soap won’t do the trick here, as it strips your skin of its natural oils and leaves it dry, irritated and exposed. Instead, opt for a gentle daily cleanser with natural moisturising properties. For this, Ritual is our number one.


2 // Follow up with a toner to clear out any remaining residue that may be left behind. A good toner should utilise natural ingredients without using alcohol, which can dry out the skin, accelerate sebum production and lead to acne. Our Witch Hazel Toning Tonic Logic utilises a bespoke blend of active, natural ingredients, to leave skin clean and balanced, sans alcohol.


3 // Perhaps the most important tool in any skincare arsenal is moisturiser. Why? Your skin’s natural oils, sweat and skin cells combine to create a natural barrier on the surface of your skin that serves two purposes: one is to keep nasties out; the other is to keep the good stuff – like moisture, in. Everyday exposure to the elements chips away at this natural protection, while moisturiser restores it. Look for a formulation with active properties that are easily absorbed, like Gameface – a light moisturiser perfect for daily use.


The night before


4 // For skin that would make your mother proud, spend a little time the night before to show your skin some TLC. Apply a thick layer of Gameface to your face and neck, for an intensive overnight treatment that will have your skin glowing. The formula is easily absorbed, so you can go to town on your application.


The morning of


It’s game day. If you’ve followed the above, your skin should already be looking even, clear and fresh. But today, we’re going all out.


5 // After cleansing, reach for a scrub to slough away any dead skin cells and get your skin looking baby-smooth. At Triumph & Disaster, we’ve taken our Rock & Roll Suicide face scrub one step further, with the addition of volcanic ash and green clay. Volcanic ash is a natural abrasive, giving your skin a deep exfoliation that few can offer, while green clay draws dirt and impurities from oily skin. The end result is an ultra clean, ultra smooth, ultra-matte finish.


6 // A good scrub will also lead to a closer shave, the next step in this morning’s routine. Look for a shave cream with moisturising properties, as it will soften your whiskers and prepare your follicles. Our Old Fashioned Shave Cream utilises lanolin, coconut oil extracts, organic compounds and fatty acids, allowing the blades to get closer to the skin for a super smooth result that lasts.


You can also one-up your routine with a shave brush, which will help you create the perfect lather and give you the best shave. 


7 // A once-over with the razor can leave your pores inflamed, so follow your shave with a toning formula. Logic is designed to cool and soothe irritated pores, while reducing their appearance. Avoid any formulations with alcohol, as these may sting the skin post-shave.


8 // It’s time to put your Gameface on, metaphorically and quite literally. Finish with Gameface to prime and protect your skin for the long day ahead. It’s going to be a big one.


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