The Story of Jaggr Lip Balm

“Jaggr is for pouting, strutting, smack talking lips. With SPF 15 protection, Kawakawa and Manuka to soothe, Jaggr delivers lips on the improve. Apply a small amount directly to lip region. Reapply throughout the day.” 
At the core of Triumph & Disaster’s ‘creation story’ there is a now infamous pre-hipster, hipster from circa 2009 downtown New York, a man with a tattooed arm, refined waist coat and slicked back hair who pulled out a lip balm whilst in a meeting about a vodka brand. This quintessential urban lumberjack in many ways was ground zero for Triumph and Disaster, the very essence, the genesis, the original spark of inspiration that has led us all these years later to this very point. 
So it is with no small amount of fate and hard work that we find ourselves looking at ‘Jaggr’. Sitting in its matte black aluminium tin, all pristine and shiny, with a gold huia (that rarest of NZ’s rare birds — some might say extinct even given the last official sighting was in 1907, but with unofficial sightings in the 1950’s, 1960’s and even as late as the 80’s, depending on who you believe, we say never give up hope), adorning pride of place at front and centre.
 Jaggr Lip Balm - Triumph & Disaster NZ
‘Jaggr’ is a play on the man with arguably the most famous lips of all, but also in some small way homage to the fellow in that meeting all those years ago who pulled out a women’s lip balm and applied it with carefree nonchalance, like a famous Jagger pout or prance across stage.
If the eyes are the windows to our soul then our the lips may well be the landing pad.  “I wish I had less luscious, less plump, less curvaceous, less soft, sensual lips… said no one ever”.  From hot lips Houlihan and rolling stones covers, to the flaming lips and goodnight kiss, nothing really beats a great pair of lips. Jaggr was created to enhance yours, protecting them with the benefits of natural zinc, SPF 15 defence combined with the calming effects of Kawakawa and all round goodness of Manuka oil making Jaggr something of an instant kiwi classic.

Things You Need To Know

1/ Protection is key to great lips, our bottom lip in particular takes a lot of heat, and we are not talking about biting it. No it's about the sun and UV rays hitting it all day, its about being dry and cracked and baking even more. So protection is key and we use zinc based SPF 15 in Jaggr to deliver this protection.
2/ Hydration — Dry, cracked lips... enough said. Feeling great and having soft hydrated lips gives you that edge. Our formulation focuses on establishing hydrated lips and keeping them that way by locking in moisture.
3/ Natural ingredients that calm and soften, Kawakawa and Manuka oil both known to protect, calm and treat skin and lips serve to do exactly that in Jaggr, keeping your lips surface calm and soft to touch.

Key Ingredients;

 Zinc SPF -
Naturally prevents UV light from hitting the skin. Think of it as a physical barrier or a “physical” sunscreen. It reflects the sun’s UV rays and prevents most of them from damaging skin. Because Zinc oxide is not absorbed into the skin, it is non-irritating, non-allergenic, and non-comedogenic.
Kawakawa Extract - Triumph & Disaster NZ 
Kawakawa - Macropiper excelsum
Kawakawa in Māori refers to the bitter taste of the leaves, from
kawa meaning bitter. Kawakawa or NZ Pepper Tree is one of the most important plants in Rongo ā (medicine), Māori use it externally for cuts, wounds and bruises and also applied it as a treatment for toothache, nettle stings and eczema. All of which leads us to believe that it makes for a great ingredient in a lip balm.
 Manuka Oil - Triumph & Disaster NZ
Manuka oil
Probably New Zealand's most widely used native plant. Everything from tonics and teas to lip balms and Honey are infused with Manuka's goodness and sold on our shelves. In Jaggr, we use it for its protecting and moisturising benefits, that leave lips feeling firm and hydrated.

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