The Story of Shearer's Soap

After it became apparent Dion wasn’t going to have a career on the family farm he was relegated to the shearer’s shed. 

The shearing gangs would arrive at the farm and Dion would clean the shed floor and roll cigarettes for them at smoko. It was the only job on the farm deemed appropriate for him. 

It was an unglamorous start to his working life but it left embedded the memory of the odour of the coal tar soap the shearers would use to clean themselves with.


Years later when developing a soap for Triumph and Disaster that smell was at the front of his mind. He wanted a soap that was gentle but would get the job done. He also wanted one that would smell like the soap those shearers used all those years ago. That smelt of cleanliness at the end of a hard day's work. 

And so the idea for Shearer’s Soap was born.

Finding that fragrance was a challenge but after some research and plenty of testing the finished product was launched as one of the originals in the Triumph and Disaster range. The rest is history. 

Made from a translucent glycerin that makes it gentle on the skin, it doesn’t dry it out and have you reaching for the moisturiser. Poppy seeds give it an exfoliating property and provide a massaging effect, which, when combined with the bespoke natural fragrances create the ultimate cleaning experience.

It is a soft soap that does a tough job and is perfect for washing off a hard day’s work. 


1/ Bespoke unique fragrance, rich herbal medicinal notes that complete the bathing experience, making this soap the special little bar that it is.
2/ Poppy Seeds for exfoliation. These feel great on the skin, massaging and embellishing the sense of a wash earned through a hard days work.


Exfoliates and cleanses the skin

Great fragrance


100% RSPO Palm Oil
Palm oil enhances skin elasticity, protects skin from harmful UV radiation, boosts circulation, soothes minor burns, slows the look of wrinkles, lightens dark spots and blemishes, and facilitates the regenerations of newer, more subtle skin.
Poppy Seed
First cultivated by ancient civilisations thousands of years ago Opium poppies have been called many things including 'the plant of joy', we just liked the seeds.


Work in a lather and apply generously to hands & body.

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