Day 14 - The only way out is through

"The Captains  T&D Team  (lockdown) Log"

Collective thoughts of the group over the lockdown period



Date: Wed 8 Apr 2020

By: Angie Si'ilata


 “ It’s Day 14.”


It’s been officially two weeks of lock down and I’m relieved to write that my family and I have not started world war III. within our humble home in central Auckland (yet). The days seem to be blending all into one and I presume the only reason I know what today’s date is because of my newfound interest to write all my thoughts down in what I call my “lock down journal”.




Being a creative on lockdown feels like a nightmare to be separated from the physical aspect of sharing ideas with others as well as missing out on seeing the world outside for inspiration but yet it also feels like an absolute dream to have time to sit down with myself and re-discover my own personal creativity. I find myself picking up my pens once again and doodling to my content which is something I haven’t done in a while. In a way, this lock down is really like a creative booster shot to take the time in picking up good creative habits.


As I’m re-discovering the pen, I see on social media a lot of people posting their cooking/baking, work out from home routines, Tik Tok boredom videos (90% cringe) and I’m just sitting here thinking.


“Wow, Covid-19 lock down is really turning everyone either into a Martha Stewart, an Olympic athlete. or like me…a Bob Ross.”


Although in all seriousness, it is very wholesome to see that people are also developing or re-discovering good habits they’ve never given themselves time to do. There are more people out walking to take in their breath of fresh air, and with less cars on the road…honestly the air is probably fresher than before. I also like the idea that as we huddle inside our own bubbles, in a way…the world out there is resting within its new bubble without humans.


Well it’s another day tomorrow, another chance just of moving forward and taking every day in our stride.


Kia kaha whanau,



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