How to combat puffy eyes, and we're not talking about boxing

Puffy eyes are ok at boxing matches and when watching ET, but otherwise best avoided with a few simple treats. Like sleep, the regular, unaccompanied by alcohol and drugs type of sleep. Water, best swallowed or sipped regularly, maintaining hydration. And when you go to bed and wake, use our eye serum cream, dichotomy, where science and nature get it on. Trust us on this. Baggy eyes happen when the tissue structures and muscles supporting your eyelids weaken. Skin starts to sag and fat that's usually around the eye begins to droop. Dichotomy offers resistance to this process by optimising hydrous flow and moderating water circulation, trust us it works. It’s also great for dark circles and crow's feet, but this is the puffy eyes blog so another time : ).

T&D’s tips for Puffy eyes:

1/ Get quality sleep - 8 hours is the sweet spot, but always at least 6.

2/ Drink lots of water, hydrate.

3/ Cut back on the booze

4/ Invest in a great eye serum - they work, ours is best.

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