The getting older blues

Woke up this morning blues all in my head, went to the mirror, ‘blues’ is all it said.

Wish someone had told me, the getting older blues dread, puffy eyes and thinning head.

Good morning blues how do you do, getting older blues, how do you do, he says, ‘I’m feeling fine, how is you?’

For any Leadbelly fans out there we humbly apologise for the blatant rip off, imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, half the cool for half as long, would do us fine.

But the truth is, for most of us getting older is a deep, awkward, unsettling type of blues. The kind that at its core presents a truth that says, there’s fuck all we can do it about the relentless march of time and its effects. Face freezes, hair transplants and mid life tattoos aside, getting old is a bore. So perhaps the less we say about it the better.


We still have our lives to live, we still want to feel great, look good and score the prom queen, even if she is now 53. So shake off them blues, embrace the process, cause “nothing says anti fucking ageing like Iggy ‘fucking’ Pop”, that timeless rocker who to us at least, has mastered the art of living young. We interpret this as a great fitness routine, singing and dancing around a stage for a couple of hours in front of adoring fans will work too. But if you can’t do that, then a weekly/daily workout routine demanding enough to break a sweat but not so hard you wont come back. We interpret it as eating well, everything in moderation, including moderation. It’s simple math after all, input versus output, as output drops away taking care that the input is measured and nutritious. We also say look after your skin, use T&D, it’s the best damn creams out there, trust us on this, we make them. And finally don’t dress your age, dress who you want to be. Be like Iggy and set your ageing process free.

T&D’s tips for living young:

1/ Turn and face the ageing process.

2/ Don't fall for shortcuts, the jabs and the fairness just makes it worse.

3/ Dress for who you want to be.

4/ Build great routines - fitness, diet and skincare.

5/ Take your time in the morning - you are worth it.

6/ Invest in quality products - you are worth it.

7/ Meditate - you will love it.

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