Meet the retailer: Barberesso


Tucked down a side street off Melbourne's iconic Chapel Street, you'll find Barberesso.


It's a little space with a finely-honed focus. There are only three chairs inside, making sittings hard to nab without an appointment. But for those who wait, Barberesso also boasts an in-house cafe, offering clients a 100% Arabica coffee to sip down with their next cutIf you hadn't made the connection, the addition of espresso is what gives Barberesso its name. 


Delivering good coffee and great cuts, we felt it necessary to pay Barberesso a visit.


Photography: Kamilla Musland



Tell us a little about Barberesso. We offer modern and traditional barber services such as men’s cut and style, hot towel face and head shaves. We’re also a cafe with an in-house barista. We offer complimentary beverages with our haircuts, which includes barista-made coffee made with 100% Arabica beans.


Who’s coming into the space? Males and females between 5 and 70 years old, but predominantly men from 18 to 45.



What sort of feedback do you get on Triumph & Disaster?  Clients love the texture and volume from the Karekare Hair Tonic, without it feeling sticky.


What’s your favourite product in the range? Coltrane Clay.



What do you love most about Barberesso’s location? Being part of trendy Chapel Street, we get a lot of young professionals who care about men’s grooming and how their hair looks.



People love the space because… It’s off the main street so it has a bit more privacy. Being a smaller store with three chairs only, and running mainly on appointments, means the store is never flooded with people sitting around and waiting for their haircuts for long. So it may be busy, but it always has a laid back relaxed vibe. 



What keeps the people coming back? Hopefully our genuineness and our passion for fresh cuts and coffee under one roof.


If we leave Barberesso with one thing, what should it be? A delicious aromatic latte made by one of our beautiful baristas. 



What’s next for the business? Hopefully part 2. 


Find Barberesso at 6 King Street, Prahran VIC 3181.

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