A public service announcement

Stash Box


To anyone whose office gives presents come Christmas, this one's for you.


It’s a little known fact, but Triumph & Disaster offers corporate partners wholesale rates for gifting. That means wholesale rates across our entire product range for your office, including our deluxe Stash Box, It’s a Mess Ain't it Sherriff and On the Road, as well as gift cards to mark it rain.


We’ll even customise a bespoke gift pack, just for your crew. Which means it’s high time to start laying groundwork ahead of Christmas.


Below are a few ideas to nudge your boss in the right direction.


Subtly, of course.



The agenda;


“Dear boss, Please see agenda attached ahead of tomorrow morning’s meeting.”


“Dear boss, Apologies. It seems I attached an article about Triumph & Disaster’s corporate gifting by mistake. Please see agenda now attached.”  


The presentation;


As you fumble with ‘technical difficulties’ ahead of your next presentation, what’s left displaying on screen? Well, if it isn’t this page.


The brown nose;


Thank your boss for being such a great boss, with a link inviting them to choose anything they like from Triumph & Disaster. Except that link is this link.


The upgrade;


Suggest a bathroom upgrade from generic hand soap to this all-natural formulation. While you’re at it, mention something you might have heard about wholesale or corporate gifting? You can’t quite remember but are willing to look into it?


The protest;


Rally the troops and go straight to your boss with a direct request for better presents this year.


View our full product range here or get in touch for a custom package.


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