Day 16 - The only way out is through

"The Captains  T&D Team  (lockdown) Log"

Collective thoughts of the group over the lockdown period


Date: Fri 10 Apr 2020

By: Chen Hou  - Operations Manager


I have been obsessed with that Formula One show on Netflix so much to a point where I can’t pull into the gas station now without telling myself “box this lap mate, box this lap”, and then get furious with the car in front for being too slow or indecisive.
It’s day 16 cruising under this global yellow flag. What usually happens under the yellow flag is that slow teams catch up, quick teams plan ahead. And then there’s Romain Grosjean.
You don’t want to be the guy who crashes under the yellow flag.
Just ask Romain.
Team radio: “Green flag in two weeks, keep your tyres warm mate, stay focused.”

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